Some clarifications

Last Change: 2013-01-13 5pm GMT+1

1. EQEmuLauncher does never connect to eqemulator.com or .org. It always connects to moestaverne.com, which handles everything.

2. If you rightclick the background or the systray icon, you can open a context menu which allows you to start EQ without updating.

3. I made some stability changes in V1.24, so i recommend to update to the newest version at any time (even on a ISDN connection it doesnt take long)

4. Yes, EQEmuLauncher V2.0 is not dead, ive just been lazy. But you can thank Akkadius for reactivating me in working on the launcher. Also Akkadius will join me in working on the launcher code itsself and created both the current and the new upcoming launcher layouts. Cheers Akkadius =)

5. You do not _need_ to use the launcher to be able to play on any eqemulator.org server. But the launcher makes it way easier to switch between servers, so you dont have to manually change files all the time.

6. Project 1999 is the only server that has its own serverlist which they manage. When an update comes, they update it. So Project 1999 should always be up to date. If files you definitly already updated get downloaded again, then the hash-value in the serverlist is incorrect.

7. EQEmuLauncher is an unofficial EQEmulator Launcher. It is completly standalone and not tied to anything (but the serverlist - moestaverne.com loads it from the eqemulator website).

8. "My client is not supported :(" - The next release will support every client we know of.

9. "After refreshing several times, it doesnt work anymore.." - This is most likely because you just got banned for spamming moestaverne.com. The line between several refreshes and a DDoS-attack is very thin, especialy since they use more then 500 Zombies to spam the Server. So better have 1 or 2 false bans, than moestaverne.com being down and no one being able to use the launcher. If you are not a repeated offender you will get automaticly unbanned after about 2 hours.

10. "I need support" - You can always send me a mail to moe@moestaverne.com - I will try to answer as soon as possible. Also if you are impatient, you can often find me in the EQEmulator IRC network under the name "Rumzuck".

11. "Not enough permissionsi, aborting patching..." - If you get a permission error, its either because the update could not be downloaded into the launchers directory, the serverfiles cannot be downloaded into the launchers directory, or the serverfiles cannot be copied into the everquest folder. To fix this, you can try running the launcher as Administrator, or change the folder permission on the problem causing directory.

12. "There are no server files available for .... - Why do i get this message? I know this server has custom files!" - GMs/ServerAdmins need to administrate their filebase themself. Before they may do so, they have to verify themself as a GM/Admin and then will get an Account for the webinterface for their server. Contact the GMs and tell them to get in contact with me if you want their server files to be updated by the EQEmuLauncher.

13. ".NET Framework is missing and i cannot start the launcher" - If you install .NET 4.5 you have downward compatibility for all .NET versions and you can use the launcher.

14. "Could not reach webserver" - This problem occurs, when your client cannot connect to moestaverne.com. There are 2 reason for that: either your ISP has problems with the routing or scriptkiddies are DDoSing moestaverne.com (see #9)

15. EQEmuLauncher and EQEmulator.org - The launcher is a third party standalone program which uses the eqemulator.org website to get the server list. Other than that, there is no connection between those two and I do not support EQEmulator.org nor do they support the launcher.

16. "More infos about the launcher itsself?" - EQEmuLauncher was written in c# by me (Moe). Version 1.0 got released on 12. May 2010. I also made the first ugly layout. Shortly after the realease of 1.0 Akkadius offered his help and provided a way better layout design. Akkadius is also the one who activated me again and will together with me work on Version 2.0.

I hope this clarifies things. If you find something missing here, contact me at moe@moestaverne.com :)

Greetings, Rumzuck